Dear Supporters and friends of Here She Comes,

Covid-19 has thrown our production into the unknown. We will not be shooting in spring as planned. However, we are crafting, passionately, behind-the-scenes to keep the momentum going. Here She Comes is a story that redefines bravery, and so we brave on.

Why is this a story to be told in the time of CO-VID19?

  1. It’s about surviving the unimaginable by becoming deeply seated in the body.
  2. It’s about connecting to the power of life through full celebration of our senses.
  3. It’s about confronting difficulty with your erotic, sensual, sexual life force that has power to guide and shape your life… if you let it.

The coronavirus has exposed our vulnerabilities, our weaknesses, our wounds….

Dare to meet vulnerability with vulnerability and redefine bravery with us?

Here She Comes was borne out of my transformative experiences at the Somatica Institute, where I trained to become sex and relationship coach. In this blog series we go a layer deeper into the origins of Here She Comes: my journey confronting breast cancer. I hope it will bring us closer together in these uncertain times, as HSC is ultimately a celebration of love, intimacy, and resilience.

Please respond, and send on. Tell us how your lives redefine bravery.

On that note, I’ll share with you a music video that was completed over three years ago. Somehow, today feels like the right day to release it.

“El Temblor en mi Sangre”
Translation: “The Tremor in my blood”

In collaboration with Miles Solay and his band Outernational, “El Temblor” is a creative expression of my treatment with breast cancer.

“El Temblor” speaks to my processing of diagnosis as a young mother–the child in the video is my incredible son Numa–and my experience undergoing general anesthesia–I was knocked completely unconscious for surgery three times in a year and a half, for a total of 14 or 15 hours. It felt like coming back from the dead three times in one year. The scene of me waking up from surgery in that video – it’s actually me. I snuck a cameraman in (thank you Stefan) and had him film me coming out of general anesthesia.

For 10 days before each of my three surgeries, I went into creation mode working on this video. By the time I entered the operating room, I felt ready, because I had prepared creatively, dreaming up and shooting this work.

So much gratitude to all of those that helped me make this. It captures a very special moment in my life. To Xavi, Stefan, Sarah and Miles. To Jess Schroder and Lisa. To Corina and her beautiful dancers. Nye and her talented eyes. To Mohammad and my loving sister who took such good care of me as I healed. To Veronica for being my rock. And to Yaelissa, Allegra, April and Celeste for dancing with me. To Luis for editing it. And to my son Numa–for being so damn cute.

Infinite love and light to everyone who helped me to make this video, and to everyone who takes the time to watch.

Jessica Habie
Creator and Director of Here She Comes TV

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