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“I believe this show has the ability to bring us back into our bodies.”

Here She Comes is a story that redefines braveryOur protagonists lead with their vulnerability and teach with their hearts and bodies. They put it all on the line every time they show up to do their work. In our pilot episode, Emma shares how connecting to pleasure helped her stave off the fear of death. She comes to peace not only with her own mortality, but also with the fragility of all humanity. She plants the seeds of the next sexual revolution, while keeping her own fears of cancer and waves of anxiety at bay. Today, in the midst of a global pandemic, I pray for her courage. Her bravery.

I believe this show has the power to bring audiences back into their bodies. These characters can take us down uncharted pathways to intimacy and connection.  Help us heal, remember the beauty of touch, discover the depth of our vast resilience, point us in the direction of unimagined pleasure. If we dare.

Thank you for reading my story, and spending a week on Bravery & Survival with us. Please let us know what resonated with you—and share with us your own stories that redefine bravery!

With Love,
Jessica Habie
Creator and Director of Here She Comes TV

“These characters can take us down uncharted pathways to intimacy and connection.”

The HSC Production Team sends you love, health and lots of bravery!
Jessica Habie, Danielle Harel, Celeste Hirschman, Indigo Jackson

Beyond the Fiction—Pleasure Parade

#ProPleasure #NoShame

We invite you to join the *Pleasure Parade*

The Pleasure Parade is a pro pleasure social movement. It is a collaborative conversation—and celebration—with the broader community (you!) on themes addressed in Here She Comes such as intimacy, embodiment, sexuality, desire, and relationship.

In an effort to make the world a safer and sexier place for everyone, we have changed the name of the Pussy Parade movement to: Pleasure Parade!

The *Pleasure Parade* is an all-inclusive movement that celebrates all bodies and their ability to bring us pleasure.

Connect your vision with ours!
We cannot imagine the next sexual revolution alone…

We will make this pilot as soon as conditions are safe.

Meanwhile the conversation continues online.

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Share a bravery story with us!