A Somatica® Sex Coach is a trained professional who helps people with sexual issues and relationship issues.

Society tells us that we are supposed to naturally know how to have sex. The desire to have sex is natural, but the skills to be a great lover or to engage fully in sex aren’t. What’s more, people often don’t know or can’t articulate what they really want to get out of their sexual experiences. The truth is that each person’s sexual desires are unique and that people need to learn how to have great sex and great sexual communication. To have truly amazing sex takes deep exploration and insight. When you have someone to help guide you into these depths, sex is learnable and teachable.

Since sex is something that is shamed in our culture, talking about it, exploring, or giving explicit instruction still remains rare. This is where working with a sex coach can be very helpful. A great sex coach will teach experientially, showing you how to create arousal for yourself and your partner(s). It is important that they guide you, give you feedback, and understand how arousal works in the brain and the body.

Sex is learnable and teachable.

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Transforming Lives and Training the World’s Best Sex and Relationship Coaches

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Transforming lives and relationships while training the world’s best sex and relationship coaches.
Offers two forms of sex coaching: talk and experiential, as well as training programs to become a sex coach yourself!
Fulfilling the need for all humans to face their fears, wounds, and challenges so that we can experience fulfillment of our deepest needs for love, connection and sexual expression.
A holistic method of sex and relationship coaching covering every aspect of sex and relationships, from emotions and communication to passion and sexual pleasure.

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