Here She Comes LLC (“Producer”), upon execution of this Confidentiality Agreement, will be providing to the undersigned a screenplay, SHOW YOURSELF OUT VIDEO or other material or information in connection with the motion picture project tentatively entitled “Here She Comes” (the “Picture”). For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned hereby agrees as follows:

  • Any and all materials and information received or learned by the undersigned in connection with the Picture are absolutely confidential and are supplied on the material condition that they shall remain absolutely confidential.
  • The undersigned shall keep confidential all matters relating to the Picture (including, without limitation, the script, the plot, or any elements thereof, any set design, props or effects, or activities of the cast and crew) and Producer’s business or production activities. The undersigned shall not at any time, directly or indirectly, disclose, disseminate, duplicate, or in any manner issue any materials or information of any kind to any person or entity regarding such matters. Without limiting the foregoing, no photography or other audio and/or visual recordings may be made, and no blogging, twittering, texting, or posting to message boards, fan sites or any form of social networking is permitted without Producer’s prior written consent. Discussion of such matters must be avoided in public places, such as elevators, restaurants, and restrooms, as these conversations may be overheard. These confidentiality obligations apply both during and after the
    rendition of any services by the undersigned (including after release of the
    Picture) and extend even to disclosures to family members and/or close friends.
  • The undersigned acknowledges that any breach of his/her agreement hereunder to maintain confidentiality will cause irreparable injury to Producer not readily measurable in money and for which Producer, without waiving any other rights or remedies, shall be entitled to injunctive relief. Without limiting the foregoing, any violation of this Confidentiality Agreement shall constitute a material breach, and grounds for immediate termination by Producer, of any agreement for services of the undersigned in connection with the Picture.
  • All information and materials provided in connection with the Picture shall be surrendered upon request from Producer and no copies shall be retained by the undersigned.