Pleasure Parade: Online

We invite you to join the Pleasure Parade! At the Pleasure Parade we celebrate all bodies and their abilities to bring us pleasure. We are using this opportunity of a television show to engage in collaborative conversations.

How do we make the world a safer and sexier place for everyone?

What do you want to see on a show that imagines the next sexual revolution?

Pleasure Parade: On Set

The Pleasure Parade is a climactic scene in the pilot episode of Here She Comes – a grand celebration of pleasure and aliveness – to be filmed in the SF Bay Area in 2020.

Get Involved: Sign ups are now open to join us on set for the filming of the Pleasure Parade. Our vision is to gather as many sex positive friends, family, leaders, artists, activists as we possibly can. Email:

#ProPleasure #NoShame #PussyParade #PleasureParade

Calling all freaks, geeks, queers and peers!

Join our Pleasure Parade Posse.

Let’s connect. Cross-educate. Cross-promote.
Let us feature you and your work on our social media.

What are you are doing related to the following?:

  • Sex and Sexuality
  • Bodies and Embodiment
  • Innovating Relationship
  • Women’s Empowerment

We recognize and appreciate the fluidity of gender. We invite all gender identities, cultures and humans to join the Pleasure Parade.

Leaders, activists, artists, academics, healers, and humans of all kinds.
Show yourself out. Proud, erotic, tender and loud!

No-Shame November “Simple Magic Hour”

The spark is lit! Nov. 16, 2019 Here She Comes TV gathered women together in Berkeley, CA to share the vision of Here She Comes.

Simple Magic Happy Hour – Overview

Simple Magic Happy Hour – Overview

Simple Magic Happy Hour – Group Shares

Simple Magic Happy Hour – Group Shares

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#3 We want to know:

  • Why are you joining the Pleasure Parade?
  • What brings you pleasure?
  • What makes you feel alive?

Shoot a video on your phone and send it to us. Or type it up and send it to us.

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Pleasure Parade Posse

Why are you here today? What brings you pleasure? What makes you feel alive?

* Banner Artwork By: Wendellen Li

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