Pleasure Parade

Welcome to the Pleasure Parade!

The “Pleasure Parade” is our activism space, to explore sex, intimacy and relationship beyond the fiction of Here She Comes.

Watch revelatory interviews with sexperts and visionaries leading the way towards a more pleasurable future. Until we can film Here She Comes, we are on a pleasure tour to collaborate and connect with sex positive pioneers, artists, and TV/Film industry professionals across the country.

Scroll down and envision the possibilities with us and the leaders of the next sexual revolution! 


Sex & Relationship Coach Sho-Sho Smith

Sho-Sho explains why truth speaking in partnership is necessary to break through the lies of a toxic culture that gives us the wrong idea about sex and relationships.

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Interviews with the Pleasure Parade

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J Jha

J Jha

Janel Vitale


Sho-Sho Smith


Moose Bus Interviews

Moose Bus Interviews

Miranda Rae Mayo

Miranda Rae Mayo

Catherine Curtin, American Actress

Catherine Curtin

Marla Renee Stewart and Tia Marie Mosley

Marla Renee Stewart & Tia Marie Mosley

Beatrice Stonebanks

Z Starr

Z Starr



Pleasure Parade in the Pilot Episode

The activism wing of Here She Comes is called the “Pleasure Parade”, in honor of a climactic scene in the pilot Episode, in which our erotic superheroes, Emma and Rene, host a pleasure festival. The Pleasure Parade gathers together people of various sexual identities, body types, and sexual orientations to celebrate all bodies and their ability to bring us pleasure.