Erotic Art

Artist Credit: Nye Lyn Tho

Erotic Art & More

Creating cutting-edge television involves a collective of artists. Visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers — we are all in this together, sparking erotic art and shaping a pleasure-positive, sex-positive culture.

Intimate Art Challenge

In 2020 we ran an erotic art contest called the “Intimate Art Challenge” to source inspiration from the visual artists around us. We asked artists of all disciplines to interpret the following themes: Communication, Vulnerability, Self Pleasure, Complex Desires, Shame/Deshame.

Congratulations to Sophie Leininger for winning the GRAND PRIZE for her 8-piece “Lez Erotic” series for the prompt COMMUNICATION!

See Sophie’s work + the category winners + HSC Team Picks + all finalists in the gallery below.

We thank all the artists for building up the visual language of Here She Comes. Artwork from the challenge may be featured in the pilot episode! More community creations to come.

Mature content warning.