{2020 Season}

Beatrice Stonebanks is a sexual revolutionary. She is also the treasurer and community outreach coordinator for the Society of Janus. Beatrice discovered kink at 35, and now at 59 helps run the #2 BDSM non-profit in the country.

Founded in 1974, the Society of Janus (SOJ) is a San Francisco-based educational and social organization, offering orientations, classes, and educational events for the kinky community. Welcoming to newbies and seasoned kink veterans alike, SOJ teaches safe, sane and consensual intimacy that embraces all genders, ages (18+), body types, ethnicities, and abilities.

SOJ is founded on the principle of acceptance – freedom from guilt, self loathing, fear of one’s own desires, and the stereotypes that are often held against us.

Here She Comes interviewed Beatrice Stonebanks to get her take on the ways BDSM and kink contribute to the new sexual revolution.

Explored in the Interview are:

  • Consent — What does real consent look like?
  • Power Exchange — Dominance and submission
  • Edge Play — Exploring the spectrum of what’s edgy for you
  • Intergenerational Sexuality — Evolution of the kink community
  • Aftercare — Safety and joy after the power exchange is over