{2020 Season}

Marla Renee Stewart and Tia Marie Mosley are the erotic visionaries behind the Sex Down South Conference, an annual gathering in Atlanta, GA for people to explore all things sex and erotic.

Deeply committed to diversity, SDS writes, “Rooted in the idea of sexual liberation, it is vital to us that we cover a wide range of topics that are led and spearheaded by voices that are often unheard or marginalized.”

Independently, Marla runs her own sex coaching and education business Velvet Lips, and Tia Marie is a filmmaker.

Video Cue

  • Introducing — Sex Down South power duo Tia and Marla.
  • Sexuality in the South – There’s something about the south…
  • Black Kink Spaces – At SDS Con and beyond!
  • On TV— Learn what Tia and Marla want to see on a TV that imagines sexual revolution.