Moose Bus Interviews

The Pleasure Parade was formed in Berkeley California at the second event for Here She Comes TV. Each interviewee is a graduate of the Somatica Institute for Sex and Relationship Coaching. Enter the Happy Moose Juice “Moose Bus” and contemplate the core questions of Here She Comes.

What brings you pleasure?

What makes you feel alive?

How would you like to see sex education and sex in the media transform?

In a world without shame what would you do?


  1. Danika envisions the next sexual revolution as a liberating experience, with everyone in their power – joyful, free and authentic. She wants to see the focus of sex education to shift from fear to pleasure.
  2. Jenny imagines a world where sex is not taboo. She wants to see sex education teach emotional intelligence, boundaries, consent and embodiment.
  3. Fudo wonders, “How do people become good lovers?” He believes a lot of suffering happens because of inadequate sex education. Through storytelling and media we can get people thinking and talking about topics that are historically shamed or ignored in our culture.
  4. Kristen wants the permission to have complex desires, and see that complexity represented on TV.
  5. Benjamin wants to see a show that helps people get rid of internal blockages of shame, guilt and duty, and helps people explore their own pleasure.

Interviewer: Jane Eisner   Camera: Ben Elie   Beats: Olright   Sponsor: Happy Moose Juice