Sho-Sho Smith is a professional Sex and Relationship Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. ShoSho works with individuals and couples on common issues ranging from erectile dysfunction and low desire to open relationships/non-monogamy, role-play /fantasy, kink/BDSM, and explorations beyond.

As a Chinese-American practitioner, ShoSho especially enjoys working with BIPOC clients (Black/Indigenous/People of Color) to process additional layers of racial complexity around sex and love, as well as the grief and shadow work around race in America. She designed a comprehensive program called Masculine Arts for Asian American Men to enhance the sexual confidence and visibility of a group that’s close to her heart.

ShoSho is also a writer, mother, founder, and former-Fortune 500 corporate dropout. She trained with Somatica Institute after her husband of 20 years died of cancer. No stranger to grief, ShoSho launched her coaching private practice F U R T H E R M O R E to help others go from barely surviving to truly thriving.

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Video Cue

  • “Warrior Lover” | Truth in Sex & Relationships  — Sho-Sho explains why truth speaking in partnership is necessary to break through the lies of a toxic culture that gives us the wrong idea about sex and relationships. She defines the “Warrior Lover” who bravely states their boundaries and educates their lovers with how they want to be loved. Also discussed: Romantic Comedies and how they are cowardly.
  • Motherhood & Boundaries – “Every woman of substance deserves a private life. Every woman of substance has a private life.” Professional sex and relationship coach Sho-Sho Smith speaks about mothers as the emotional blueprint of a family, who deserve boundaries.
  • Race in Relationships – Sho-Sho shares about her personal experience and professional study of race in sexual relationships. “If identity is fundamental to relationships. And race is fundamental to identity. Then race plays a huge part in relationships. Yet relationships are often afraid of talking about race.”
  • Asian-American Men & Sexuality — Sho-Sho addresses white sexual supremacy in relation to Asian-American men. She explains the societal factors that have rendered Asian men sexually invisible, including the myth of the “Asian Nice Guy,” the model minority myth, and Asian-American family structures.
  • Biracial Complexity on TV – Sho-Sho Smith wants to see Biracial Complexity on a TV show that imagines the next sexual revolution. Couples talking about race, fighting about race, biracial kids and whole families dealing with race and identity. She also shares examples of TV shows that depict sexuality well.