{2020 Season}

Spiritchild is an NYC Afro-indigenous Puerto Rican activist, musician, Yoruba priest, father of two, and self-proclaimed lover of humanity. He is the son of two cops, adopted and raised by Black Panthers and Young Lords, and now a member of a New Black Arts Movement.

Spiritchild is active in the Movement for Black Lives, regularly brings cultural healing work into prisons across the globe, and he recently graduated from the Somatica Institute, and is developing his own sex and intimacy coaching practice. (Catch him as the client in Episode One of the Somatica Sessions!)

This interview was conducted in Summer 2020 at the height of the international uprising against police brutality, following the murder of George Floyd.

Video Cue

  • Introducing — Spiritchild.
  • Sexuality & the Movement – On the connection between sexual liberation and the movement for Black lives.
  • Oppression & Masculinity – On the psychological effects of oppression on Black and Brown men and masculinity.
  • Prison & Intimacy – On the healing power of doing intimacy work in prisons.
  • Cops & Intimacy — On the harmful influence of police system on intimate relationships and community dynamics.