Sexy TV Show

Artist Credit: Lady Luuz

Who’s Ready for a PLEASURE STORY?

A sexy tv show on the cutting edge that will have you edging

Here She Comes is not your average workplace romantic drama.

Our office is a sex coaching practice, and these couches see a lot of action. At the helm are two experiential sex coaches Emma and Rene — whose personal lives are as colorful and complex as the clients they serve.

Here She Comes is a feminist, character-driven dramedy.

Were shows like Sex and the City, Jane the Virgin, and Orange Is the New Black on your favorites watch list? Here She Comes positions women front and center, but instead of complaining about men over Cosmopolitans, they transform the erotic worlds of those around them.

Here She Comes is a case-of-the-week show.

Think of The Good Wife, The X-Files, Law & Order—but the case of the week is a client, struggling with sexual challenges. Our two detectives are iconoclastic women with an erotic touch and an exquisite knowledge of the sexual psyche.

Our protagonists are complex superheroes that redefine bravery.

They lead with authenticity and vulnerability, and their radically honest approach to sex and relationships will make you question everything you thought you understood of your own erotic inner world.

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