Series Characters

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Our TV Show Characters

Meet the characters driving the pleasure revolution in our femme-forward TV show.


Emma Hazel holds a PhD in sexology, lectures part time at San Francisco State, and now co-runs a burgeoning sex coaching business. She has managed to stave off multiple storms of chaos in her lifetime: from surviving a tumultuous childhood with an overbearing mother and domineering father, to a baby at 22, to breast cancer at 29.

Emma fought hard to establish her selfhood amid a sea of uncertainty. She brings precision to her work, approaching the chaotic underbelly of sexual desire with the same skill she displays in stitching together her own life. While she has settled down into a stable marriage with a beautiful and caring man, she is also in an open relationship with a long-term lover she sees once a week, like clockwork.


Rene Hirsch is an iconoclast, committed to exploding the boundaries of sexual repression and constraint. Before meeting Emma, Rene was a jill-of-all-trades: a nude model, blown-glass dildo artist, spoken-word performer, and massage therapist.

Now, Rene is the yin to Emma’s yang, her clothes for a demonstration, while Emma delivers the clinical theory. In her coaching sessions, she connects with clients viscerally and passionately, opening them up.

Rene’s drive is to single-handedly save the world from slut shaming, a mission she practices vigorously in therapy sessions and in her own life through choosing and training a string of lovers.


Zora is a sexuality studies professor in her mid-40’s and one of Emma’s academic mentors. A lesbian who has been out for decades, she has lived through multiple eras of feminism and sexual politics.

She find’s Emma’s belief that she can change the world by building a highly paid sex coaching empire entertaining, but slightly idealistic. Unlike Emma, who is completely disillusioned with academia, Zora continues to march to the beat of the intellectual drum. She maintains hope that, despite being chronically under paid and under appreciated, her work as a professor carries the potential to create authentic change and meaning in the world.


Sebastian Chang is Emma’s husband of fourteen years — her rock, confidant, and best friend. Sebastian works as an engineer at a tech startup but has pulled back to part-time to manage the household and their two kids.

Growing up as the Asian boy in a room full of blondes, Sebastian, whose given name was Zhang Wei, rebelled against the stereotype of the overachieving, asexual Asian male. His adventures into kink and sex play led him to Emma. He is attracted to Emma’s ambition, but as Emma’s career blossoms, he struggles with his role of holding the family together.


Nathaniel Clemmens is a pickup artist, gifted orator, and natural leader. He’s now the most glorified sexual hustler in the Bay Area, teaching men of all stripes how to get laid faster, more easily, and more often.

As a kid, Nathan was a lonely self-proclaimed outcast. He spent his teenage years retreating to the attic of his parents’ farmhouse and to the corners of the Dark Web to connect with fellow subversives. Nathan reinvented himself in college and now lives in a dorm-like loft in the Mission District, where he is the alpha male.

But Nathan carries his secret history inside — an angry and violent youth. This side of Nathan comes out when he becomes a client of Emma and Rene’s.


Pascal Bollinger is Emma’s long-term lover. A landscape designer for the elite, he lives in a modest but comfortable condo outside of Silicon Valley.

He has not told Emma that he is no longer in a primary relationship, worried that she will feel pressure and break it off between them. After nearly a decade, he is hoping to share more than the Tuesday 8-10pm time slot with Emma.


Hamoodi Quarashi is Rene’s roommate, best friend and the founder of a karaoke club for polyamorous, gender-playful queers called The Open Hearts Club.

Whenever he and Rene are not having sex with other people, or performing karaoke, the two besties can be found sitting in each other’s laps, merrily swiping together. Rene can now afford to live alone, but emotionally she needs Hamoodi around. Hamoodi is a painter and sculptor and pieces together a living through artistic residencies and occasional sex work.


Dominic Hernandez is a charming and confident boxing teacher. He’s been around the block more than a few times, but now knows what he wants: a stable relationship, and first and foremost to be a good father and role model to his 12-year-old son, of whom he has sole custody.

His idea of a perfect night is curling up to watch a movie, making love, and being asleep by 9 p.m., only to hit the gym at 5 a.m. the next morning. He is drawn to Rene, but declares himself absolutely uninterested in her polyamorous lifestyle.