Welcome to the Pleasure-Filled Universe of HERE SHE COMES!

Here She Comes is a new sexy tv show that tells the story of Emma and Rene, two experiential sex coaches who lead America into the next sexual revolution.

Their mission: to liberate the nation from shame and transform the erotic worlds of those around them.

But as they spread their cutting-edge teachings, forces emerge to take them down. An army of scamming pickup artists, terrified spouses, religious fundamentalists, and angry misogynist loners rise up to try and stop them.

Think you’ve seen this before?
Think again.

Here She Comes is dirty, intimate, playful, profound, messy, and erotic. And the women who bring us these stories — their sex drives are surpassed only by their IQs.

Emma and Rene are here to change the world… one mind-blowing orgasm at a time.

Our Mission

To dramatize the collective sexual unconscious of a nation. We want to change the way sexuality is represented on the screen, and deliver sexy and educational fiction that leads to increasing heights of pleasure and discovery for everyone who watches.

Inclusion is Sexy

Here She Comes empowers women, men and people of all genders to be their most authentic selves in sex. Our show challenges stereotypical representations of sex, romance and gender on TV by redefining sexy to include a broad spectrum of people and their desires. 

Will we follow the same old repressive scripts that have led to miserable relationships and violation? Or will we imagine sexual revolution together and move the culture forward?

Celeste Hirschman

Sex Coaching Foundations

Here She Comes is inspired by the Somatica Method – a revolutionary approach to sex and relationship coaching — developed over the past 15 years by co-producers Danielle Harel, PhD. and Celeste Hirschman, MA.

Through the Somatica Method, thousands of people have transformed their sexual and relationship lives. The show also builds on the creator and director Jessica Habie’s personal experience as a Somatica coach-in-training.

Want to learn more about sex coaching? What is a sex coach and how do I find one? Check out the “What Is A Sex Coach” page for more info and watch Somatica Sessions to view one-on-one sessions with legendary sex and relationship coaches, Celeste and Danielle.

Imagining the Next Sexual Revolution

We invite you to join the Pleasure Parade: an online space to explore sex, intimacy and relationship through the lens of dramatic storytelling. Pleasure, Shame, Communication, Complex Desires, Vulnerability, Self-Pleasure — no topic is too taboo. Take a moment to reflect and imagine with the sexperts and visionaries we have met on our pleasure tour.

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