Z Starr

Executive Producer

Z Starr is the executive producer of Here She Comes. She is a Super Auntie, an artist, maker of magic and mischief, an ocean lover, a life enthusiast and celebrator of the celebration, a cosmic kook, and a rainbow bridge. Her university studies have included History, American Studies and Women’s Spirituality, Gender, and Social Justice. Her University of Life Studies include a PhD in Suffering and a Double PhD in Joy (she is currently working towards a triple). She took the fantastic Somatica Training in 2020 and recommends it highly to Everyone! She is currently exploring the realms of Consciousness, Acting, Guitar and Song Writing, Un-Self-Conscious Self Love along with Social Justice, Freedom and Equality for All. She believes that Here She Comes has the power to change the conversation around sexuality and intimacy from one of shame and taboo to one of pleasure, inclusion and celebration of all of our miraculous and divine expressions. May this project be an offering of the highest good for all beings. LET’S GET THIS PLEASURE PARTY STARTED!