{2020 Season}

Z Starr is the executive producer of Here She Comes. She took the Somatica Training in 2020.

She believes Here She Comes has the power to change the conversation around sexuality and intimacy from one of shame and taboo to one of pleasure, inclusion, and celebration of all of our miraculous and divine expressions.

Z is very excited to share this project, and the big ideas that are being pulled through — through our bodies, through our desires — to live by the principle of pleasure, rather than under the yoke of fear and separation.

We can’t experience pleasure and connection to the depth that we are capable of if we are all holding trauma and fear. Z Starr believes that the dismantling of sexual oppression within movements is key.

These videos were pulled from a Summer 2020 interview with community organizer and Somatica sex and relationship coach, Spiritchild.

Video Cue

  • Orienting Toward Pleasure — On pleasure as a powerful, motivating force.
  • Curiosity, Expression & Dreaming in a New World – Who are we and how do we want to be in the world?
  • Trauma & Pleasure – On the trauma we hold in the body, and the relationship between trauma and our pleasure.