Miranda Rae Mayo (a.k.a MR Mayo) is a primetime TV actress, performance artist, and powerhouse event producer.

Known for her starring role as Stella Kid on NBC’s hit show Chicago Fire, MR Mayo is also on a journey of healing and discovery that connected her with Here She Comes, and eventually inspired her to enroll at the Somatica Institute to learn the method from the masters of sex and relationship coaching.

Miranda created an event called Eleutheromania— defined as “an intense and irresistible desire for freedom.” The Eleutheromania Experience is an underground journey into what we call The Juicy: all parts of one’s self that make life tasty and fluid. Seductive, humorous, conversational. All in the name of love and liberation.

In 2020 MR Mayo was a judge for the Here She Comes Intimate Art Challenge !

Past TV/Film credits include ABC’s Blood & Oil, HBO’s second season of True Detective and Wes Cravens’ final film “The Girl in the Photographs,” written and directed by Nick Simon. MR recently starred in Stampede Productions’ dark comedy “Going Places” written and directed by Max Chernov and is slated to star in the film “Daddy” with Yuriy Sardarov this winter. She currently lives in Chicago.


Video Cue

  • Reflections on Here She Comes — MR Mayo shares her reaction to the script and why she thinks television is a magical and exciting way to bring people revolutionary and innovative ideas.
  • Why the World Needs Here She Comes – If we are in a place in human history where we are often detached from our bodies – how can we reconnect? Miranda sheds light on how meaningful cinematic storytelling can help steer us back into deeper connection with ourselves and each other.
  • Social & Sexual Liberation – Can sexuality be a gateway to social liberation? Miranda shares her perspective, and offers a path to finding pleasure and creating a connected world.
  • Female, POC, Trans Leadership— Miranda makes an emotional call to Women, Trans, POC & Native people to stand up and lead our society.
  • How to Create a Joyful, Connected World – What happens when we suppress or oppress our emotions? Miranda shares her perspective, and offers a path to finding pleasure and creating a connected world full of joy through Somatica.
  • On Healing – “We are primed and ready to talk about healing” says Miranda Rae Mayo. Here She Comes will be your fictional guide for untangling yourself from shame and fully embracing yourself as an erotic being.